Emily, Art and Design student at the University of Michigan, pansexual and 19.

That's all I got.

And this is rest of them. Side note, if I skipped you or if you want one, message me and I will get on it.


Felli is first, and she has boobs! None of that somewhere in between stuff. She peoples to shitloadofsquirrels. If you added an a before your username this picture would be way different.

Next is Haberdash. Liz, after I accepted I remembered that I can’t draw animals. SO THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GETTING! I hope it’s okay… hardest one, hands down. 

Skye, I present to you Loco, who I’m actually really happy with. I hope you like it~

Fourthly? Mr. Snippets, being a lazy bum and just sittin around. Stitchy-wicket, please enjoy.

Finally! We’ve got inloveanddeath’s bot, whose name I didn’t catch, but I gather she’s some kind of army bot. 

I hope everybody likes their bots and this tiny break from inter-fanmily drama which seems to be getting on everybody’s nerves. Thank you all very much for letting me draw their bots.