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Emily, Art and Design student at the University of Michigan, pansexual and 19.

That's all I got.

So to interrupt the piracy talk, I’ll innocently post more fanbots, and listen to SPG on rhapsody.

Firstly there’s Cog, who belongs to crimson-firecat. The reference picture you gave me looked like she was floating so I went one further and used bad perspective to make her fly. 

Then there’s Lila, whose owner is Thedorkiestoneofall and I hope I did a good job. I think she was hardest to draw because I only had a description. I hope I didn’t completely miss the mark on what you had thought of.

The next lovely bot is unnamed, though I’ve taken to calling her officebot or Pepper because she reminds me of Pepper from Ironman… She belongs to dazzlingbastard.

Last in this round there is Spades, who belongs to Lazyhamster. I was going to draw both of her fanbots but then I couldn’t do the manbot’s profile right and I realized that I have a pile of these to do and that I’m so much more familiar with boobs that that’s really what I should stick to if given the option.

Thank you for letting me draw them, and I hope you enjoy them!

People who are still waiting, have no fear, I am working my way through my list at an awesome rate so it shouldn’t be long now~

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